At Abbott Bloodstock, we believe it is essential that buyers are informed, educated and confident in their involvement in thoroughbred ownership. 

We will work with new owners to educate them in every aspect of the industry, giving them a full experience so that they are as informed as possible. 

Abbott Bloodstock will coordinate visits to farms, training facilities, sales and race tracks in order to best inform their clients about how the industry works. 



Bloodstock agent is an old term; the word bloodstock means thoroughbred horse and refers to the focus on pedigrees and pure bloodlines of the thoroughbred.  

There are many bloodstock agents, consulting clients on different levels of involvement from completely managing an owner's portfolio of horses, to simply giving minor input.  

Abbott Bloodstock works at all levels. Whether you need someone to manage your entire thoroughbred portfolio, or are simply looking for some valuable input, we will work to assist you in developing and improving your operations in an exciting and complex industry. 


Pedigree Analysis

Abbott Bloodstock has a firm belief that pedigree analysis is a major part of reducing the risks of clients and insuring value in their investments. A deep understanding of pedigree analysis has played a major role in every major racing operation in the world. 

Understanding pedigrees and receiving valuable advice can provide the buyer with a more educated investment. This can improve their chances in purchasing horses that stay healthy, perform well, and retain or improve in value.


Valuation and Appraisals

More than 25 years of experience and expertise gives Abbott Bloodstock the ability to give accurate valuations and appraisals for use in insurance, taxes, estate planning and sale. If you need a qualified and accurate appraisal, please feel free to contact us for our services. 



Abbott Bloodstock works closely with an equine insurance broker, located in the heart of  the Lexington, Versailles and Paris triangle, to place all types of coverage ranging from simple equine mortality to fertility and prospective foal insurance.