Janine Melnitz

I hope this email finds everyone doing well, although I'm sure you are all looking forward to the arrival of spring. I just wanted to give an update on where we stand with Janine Melnitz and her training. 

She has been consistently training in south Florida and over the past couple of weeks has started breezing every Saturday morning. Although she had missed some time last year she is starting to put together all the mental aspects of training and racing. She had a nice breeze Saturday going 3/8th of a mile with 2 other horses. Although she was caught a little flat footed at the beginning of the breeze she finished up strongly with the other two horses. She has a good foundation of fitness but with this quicker work she will really start to tighten up and get sharper.

I have been happy with the way she is training and if she continues to progress I would be looking for her to be ready to run sometime in May.