Janine Melnitz

Sycamore Racing,

Delighted a few of you have been able to make it out to Palm Beach Downs this winter to see Janine Melnitz. She has been doing well and steadily breezing towards what I hope will be her first start in May. 

The addition of blinkers has helped her focus up in her training and breezing. We have also added a fancy set of glue-on shoes which has been the biggest help to her. These shoes give her some relief from sore feet and allow her to absorb a little more impact when she is training. She has been moving much better since we put them on.

She has been doing great and is starting to look and train like a racehorse recently. The plan is to breeze her Tuesday out of the gate and then have one more breeze next Sunday before shipping north on 13th of April.